Monday, 20 February 2012

Achieving Perfection in Limo look.

All Limos are NOT the same. Contrary to popular belief all limos are NOT the same. Although they may be called by same names for example Lincoln Limo, Hummer Limo, White Limo, Black Limo, Pink Limo  and Baby Bentley Limo etc. In actual physical terms they are all unique like human beings they spend their life working and resting, may be its my Love of cars, I like to think they develop personalities too. Their conditions reflect the actual conditions in which these limos spend their life.

We at A2Z Limos love our cars and try our level best to keep them in condition they first started their life. Achieving perfection in the limo look is not a task for fainthearted it take hours if not days to get it just Right. Our Limos are kept in indoor showroom and given love and care all year round. We detail our limos to perfection only using the highest quality shampoos, conditioners, Clay kits, polishing compound and Carnauba wax. 

We spend hours every month detailing our car and limos to perfection. This ensures that when our limousines turn up at the pick up location they are gleaming and our customers start to fall in love with our limos just like we do. 
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Friday, 10 February 2012

Limo hire in Coventry

Coventry is major city in the Midlands area with population in excess of 300,000 people. Coventry is 8th largest city of England therefore major hub for people across the West Midlands. Being a Prehistoric city with evidence that Coventry used to be a small settlement in Bronze Age, It has historic architecture and a very beautiful cathedral in the heart of the city which was mainly destroyed by German bombings during World war II. Due to this historic importance Coventry attracts tourists from across the Globe. Coventry Airport is located few miles from the city centre and is vital transport link for the city. Coventry host two major Universities Coventry university is in the city centre and Warwick University is just on the out skirts of Coventry.
Now A2Z Limos is offering Limo hire packages in Coventry at best prices. Lots of party goers  from Coventry love to travel in style. Therefore our Limousine service is now available in Coventry at low low prices. Call our team on freephone 0808 156 30 40 for more info.
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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Royal Ascot 2012 Limo Hire

There are very few sporting events in the world which can rival the heritage, style, fashion and pageantry of THE ROYAL ASCOT races meeting. Five days every summer for as long as I can recall The Queen and royal family attend this extraordinary sporting extravaganza in the heart of English countryside. The Royal Ascot is renowned all over the world therefore attracting dignitaries from across the globe. The race meetings are exciting events on their own but due to the Royal atmosphere at the Ascot race-course during these five days in June this event is named The Royal Ascot. Limousines turn up at the venue chauffeuring Royal family members, dignitaries and other VIP personalities from the field of showbiz and commerce. Stretch Limousines are also used by people from across UK to travel in safety, comfort and style to the Royal Ascot event. A2Z Limos has been providing such service to our clientele across Midlands for more then a decade. This year A2Z Limos is offering special packages for Royal Ascot race meetings for customers in Midlands. Call our A2Z Limos sale team 0121 643 5556