Friday, 13 January 2012

Makeover Experience and Photo-shoot Limo Package

In the world of America's Next Top Model (ANTM) which has already turned into big success for young girls aspiring to make a drastic change in their life all across the globe. The hopes and dreams of becoming the face of major brands like Loreal and MAC, the girls want the glitz and glamour that accompanies that status, inspired me to come up with a package which will further whet their appetite and give them a chance to experience that dream before taking the plunge in the sea of glamorous lifestyle for real. The Makeover Experience and Fashion photo-shoot package delivers just that taster of ANTM lifestyle.

The morning of your Makeover Experience Day, a chauffeur with a stretch limo will be waiting outside your house ready to whisk you away to the studio in the centre of Birmingham. The team of highly trained makeover artists will be waiting for your arrival at the studio. As you will leave the comfort of limousine and step into the high pace environment of the studio the consultation team go through the plan for the makeover. Starting with dry hair styling followed by make up application by MAC trained makeup artists. This three to four hour ANTM experience will give you  chance to strut all the poses in your text book while professional  photographer snaps away. After the day of in the life of ANTM model the limousine will take you back home or may be to the night out in town. Where the party begins. 

Call 0121 643 5556 for more info.

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